Common Floor Sanding Issues And How To Resolve Them

In the world of floor sanding, there are numerous issues which can have a serious impact on the overall finish of your project. Many of the problems can be easily rectified, so long as you know how. That is why we have prepared a quick guide to a few of the common floor sanding issues, as well as, of course, how to resolve them.

Excessive Wear

Even a great wooden floor is going to suffer from wear and tear after prolonged use. After all, our floors take a lot of abuse. Often countless two legged, and at times four legged, feet pace all over them all day long. If a floor was not sanded finely enough at installation, it is more vulnerable to damage. In addition, if several layers of finish are applied without allowing for the correct drying time, the floor can quickly look years beyond its real age.

Of course, the initial step then must be to correctly sand the wooden floor at installation. However, this alone is not enough. The flooring also needs regular maintenance. If it has reached a particularly bad appearance you may be able to sand off the old finish and recover the floor. However, if there are numerous scratches and damage it is often best to sand it right down to the bare wood.

Common Floor Sanding Issues And How To Resolve Them

Don’t Allow Room For Debris

If you are in the process of sanding down and applying layers of finish to a wooden floor, a significant risk exists. What is it? Getting debris in your finish. When finish is applied to the floor and is starting to dry it will attract any debris floating around at the time. This could be pet hairs, dust or other particles. These are not going to look good in your finished floor!

A good way to avoid the problem is to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned down before the finish is applied. That means cleaning down the walls, lighting fixtures anything else which has the risk of causing debris. You should also carefully vacuum the floor before starting the finishing process.

If, despite your careful efforts, you find that an unwelcome piece of debris has made its way into your finished floor, not all is lost! You can still make repairs to the floor by sanding it and applying a new coat. However, it’s much better to avoid the issue in the first place!

Indeed, when it comes to floor sanding issues, there are plenty of potential risks which can cause major problems throughout the sanding process. To avoid such issues, it is important to carefully plan your sanding project and take the time to ensure that each step is completed correctly and with sufficient time. We hope that the issues, as well as ways to resolve them, that we have outlined above will give you a helping hand in ensuring your next floor sanding project goes as smoothly as a beautiful polished floor.

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