The Importance of A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile phones have become an integral part of people’s lives today. Among its various other functions, mobiles are used on a wide scale to access the Net. In fact, when it comes to browsing, many people prefer using their phone to a laptop. So the importance of a mobile friendly website is quite obvious. Even if your website has been designed in a beautiful way, it will not translate perfectly to a phone platform unless you have taken the specific steps. Luckily it is not a difficult task now as many companies offer services for this.

Why do I need a mobile friendly website?

Apart form general visibility, there are a number of ways how a mobile friendly website can help your business:


  1. SEO: A recent Google ruling has specifically stated that search engine preference will be given to mobile friendly websites. This has come into effect from April 2015 and many desktop-only websites are already suffering. So now there is concrete reason to go for mobile friendly sites. Though there are a number of other factors involved in SEO, having a mobile friendly website can help you out in a big way. If you own a business in Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter, you may want to look into a trusted SEO service for your other SEO needs as well – because mobile friendly websites are only a piece of a much bigger picture.


  1. Traffic: Without a mobile friendly site, you might be losing as much as 50% of your visitors. This is definitely not an exaggeration as the number of people browsing via phones has become more than the number of people using desktops.


  1. Customer Engagement: If a customer is satisfied with the experience of visiting your site on a phone, then they are more likely to access it later from a desktop. And the more time they spend on the website, the higher are the chances of them purchasing your services. If your website has been optimized for phone use, then it means the website is streamlined and has a lower bounce rate. This will only enhance the experience for the visitor.


  1. Sales: While the numbers of sales made on desktops are far higher, mobile phones are also soon catching up. Also it has been seen that most mobile phone purchases are of an impulsive nature. Desktop buys on the other hand seem to be more of an informed choice. So if your business is into products that can be brought impulsively like clothes, gifts and chocolates, then it might be a good idea to go for a mobile website.


Web Design for Mobile Websites

When designing a mobile website, your main concern should be user experience. Figure out how clients browsing on a mobile phone will feel about your site. For example a website that has a large number of options and features can be frustrating to navigate on a mobile. It could be better to go for a simpler approach.… Keep reading